Saturday, January 21, 2012

DIY Sponge Daubers

I saw this tutorial on luvleescrappin and thought it was a great idea. However, I used a different foam applicator because that's what I had in my stash. I also used plastic bands from the dollar store to attach the foams. **UPDATE** There has been some discussion on how to prevent the foam from ripping when you distress. I found that covering the foam with a small piece of swimsuit material keeps the foam from fraying and does not effect the look of the distressing.

Cost: Wooden Doll Pins from Joann's $3.99 ($2.39 w/ 40% coupon, 30 ct), facial foams from Dollar Store $1 (32 ct), hair bands from Dollar Store $1 (way too many to count)= ~$.12 each vs $.44-$.77 The range  in price is due to where you'd buy your manufactured sponge daubers. (Hobby Lobby $2.99+ 40% coupon, Amazon bulk buy 25 for $19.32)

Examples of different materials


Terstamper said...

Very cool crafty tool and awesome price.

Ter ;)

Colorado Crafter said...

I love this idea since I've been too cheap to purchase the sponge daubers... but... aren't these too small? I can see that they would work for some things, but the real reason I would like to have some sponge daubers is because the large ones seem to be so nice for sponging good sized areas like when you are making a scene on a card.

Jolayne said...

These are the small size daubers. I haven't figured out how to make the huge ones I think you are talking about. But I'm thinking that using the ink blending tool would do the trick.

Colorado Crafter said...

Thanks for replying!! Ever since seeing that some people are coming up with ideas like yours, I've been trying to think of how to do the larger daubers. The hardest part is getting a type of foam that will work well. I do use the Ranger blending tool and I like it, but for blending other kind of inks that don't blend as well as the Distress inks, I feel like a round dauber might work better... at least for some types of sponging. But I just feel like those big plastic and sponge daubers are so expensive! LOL!! Maybe they are worth the price. I just prefer having one for each ink color rather than washing them out all the time which I think would shorten their life span and with so many ink colors out there it would cost an arm and a leg and even more to buy that many daubers even with coupons, etc.! LOL!! Hopefully we'll come up with something one of these days!

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