Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Distressing w/ PediPaws

So as most males do, my husband succumbed to "As seen on TV" advertising when we were at Petco. "Oh that PediPaws thing would be so much easier than cutting Tatonka's nails (our very big boned English Bulldog). I was very skeptical, but whatever he can give it his best shot. LMAO is all I can say to the fiasco that was trying to grind the nails of a fully awake, very strong English Bulldog.  Needless to say the PediPaws went into our Bermuda Triangle drawer of misfit gadgets.

Forward to a few weeks later when I was working on a scrapbook and needed to distress oodles of cardstock. I was heading out to the garage to grab my Dremel when I thought, wouldn't it be nice to have a battery operated grinder... Whoa! wait a minute... didn't we have something like that?! Oh my, yes we do... and its called a PediPaws!
You do have to unscrew the orange guard, but it works great. I use it on pictures, paper, and cardboard. It really saves my nails from using sanding blocks and emery boards. But just like other grinders watch your fingers and if you are doing multiple items use a mask. And I suggest you practice first to get a feel for the grinder. Here are some examples...

Before Distressing
After Distressing: Patterened Cardstock, Photo
After Distressing: Cardboard, paper
For a deeper distress, I go over the sanded item with the edge of an old pair of scissors or a really heavy grain sandpaper.
I used the edge of a pair of scissors. It sorta looks the same because I didn't scrape that hard, whoops.
One day I'll get a Distrezz-it-all. But until then, this does the trick ;)
Cost: Petco $9.99 for main unit, $4.99 for 12 pack replacement heads.


Lori said...

We bought one for use on a cat. Were we crazy???? The cat still has sharp claws, and we were all bleeding! Threw it in the Misfit Gadget blackhole! Now to go dig it out!!!! Thanks for the tip!

Jolayne said...

LOL I can only imagine what that scene was like. Glad you made it out with your fingers intact.

Rebecca said...

I'm with you on that I got one thinking easier then going to vet to clip our Eskie and I won't even try it on the Ragdolls - I'll have to pull it out for the craft room lol

Brenda Lee said...

Add me to the fallen victims of the "As Seen on TV" purchases!! LOL!! At least I bought mine at a garage sale (NIP) for $2. What a wonderful idea....if ONLY the cats would cooperate!! It was worse than using the clippers. I'm so glad I found this, I can add it to my craft gadget collection. Thanks!!

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