Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Distressing w/ PediPaws

So as most males do, my husband succumbed to "As seen on TV" advertising when we were at Petco. "Oh that PediPaws thing would be so much easier than cutting Tatonka's nails (our very big boned English Bulldog). I was very skeptical, but whatever he can give it his best shot. LMAO is all I can say to the fiasco that was trying to grind the nails of a fully awake, very strong English Bulldog.  Needless to say the PediPaws went into our Bermuda Triangle drawer of misfit gadgets.

Forward to a few weeks later when I was working on a scrapbook and needed to distress oodles of cardstock. I was heading out to the garage to grab my Dremel when I thought, wouldn't it be nice to have a battery operated grinder... Whoa! wait a minute... didn't we have something like that?! Oh my, yes we do... and its called a PediPaws!
You do have to unscrew the orange guard, but it works great. I use it on pictures, paper, and cardboard. It really saves my nails from using sanding blocks and emery boards. But just like other grinders watch your fingers and if you are doing multiple items use a mask. And I suggest you practice first to get a feel for the grinder. Here are some examples...

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Xmas 2011

I'm posting it a bit late or am I just incredibly early for 2012?! Here is our Xmas card from 2011.
I ended up making about 35- 40 cards. Twenty five of them I embroidered with my friends names on the ribbon. Here are the items I used and yes I do like to lay out my desk in this manner. I also like to make components ahead of time so cards are easier to assemble.
Here's how I did it...

Desk Organizer

I went grocery shopping the other day at Safeway and as my hubby and I were walking around the produce aisle I spotted several empty plastic produce bag rolls. I can only speculate as to why there were so many. Maybe because it was late at night, the staff were to busy to replenish the rolls, or thieving plastic hungry gnomes got to them before anyone noticed. In either case, I gathered them up since I'm positive they don't reuse them. (just to be safe the checker girl said they would just toss them so I was free to take them home). Here is what I made with them...
A Desk Organizer!! Why yes, I try to minimize clutter as much as I can because for me at least I feel more productive. lol. Besides before this little holder I was laying everything out and holding my glue upside down in a roll of foam tape. Not a very efficient use of space.I like this so much better and the best thing was I had all the stuff to make it for free! Here's how I did it...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

DIY Sponge Daubers

I saw this tutorial on luvleescrappin and thought it was a great idea. However, I used a different foam applicator because that's what I had in my stash. I also used plastic bands from the dollar store to attach the foams. **UPDATE** There has been some discussion on how to prevent the foam from ripping when you distress. I found that covering the foam with a small piece of swimsuit material keeps the foam from fraying and does not effect the look of the distressing.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Nestabilities Storage

On Splitcoaststampers there are several threads on how to store Nestabilites Dies. Some people use photo boxes, CD cases, binders, page protectors, cork boards, etc. the list goes on and on.  However the common thread is magnetic strips or sheets that hold the Nestabilites Dies in place. Here is what has been working for me.

I use a 3" D-ring binder that I got at Costco (2 in a pack for $5.99). Page protectors from Office Max (I had this in my stash from years ago, but I found a package of 25 for $7.18 at Walmart). The cardboard is from the backing of tablets of paper and paper packs from my work. Since they would eventually recycle or throw them away I got those for free.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ruffled Ribbon

I often visit the remnants bin when I go to JoAnn's. You can get some really good deals and fabric choices. After the holidays they had a nice selection of organza fabric. Here are a couple.