Friday, January 20, 2012

Nestabilities Storage

On Splitcoaststampers there are several threads on how to store Nestabilites Dies. Some people use photo boxes, CD cases, binders, page protectors, cork boards, etc. the list goes on and on.  However the common thread is magnetic strips or sheets that hold the Nestabilites Dies in place. Here is what has been working for me.

I use a 3" D-ring binder that I got at Costco (2 in a pack for $5.99). Page protectors from Office Max (I had this in my stash from years ago, but I found a package of 25 for $7.18 at Walmart). The cardboard is from the backing of tablets of paper and paper packs from my work. Since they would eventually recycle or throw them away I got those for free.

I also bought magnetic vent covers from Home Depot. (3 pack for $4.47)

And filing tags from Walmart. (20 pack for $3.97) I use the Post-it ones because I like the option to rearrange if needed. You can substitute paper Post-it instead of the plastic ones I bought.
I covered both sides of my cardboard with cardstock. Cut my magnetic sheets in half to end up with six 7.5" x 8" sheets. I then used a glue runner (ATG) to adhere the magnetic sheets to the finished cardboard pages. I wrote the name of the Die on each label with a sharpie and placed them by their respective Dies.
In the front of the binder I put the Nestabilities packaging card in the page protectors. The adhesive on the back of the cards keeps them in place. I also cut out the picture of each Impressionabilites from their packaging and placed them onto their own index sheet.

I numbered the top right corner of each page protector with their respective Nestabilites Die page. I cut out and attached the black chipboard tabs to each Nestabilites Die page with two 4mm eyelets. The black tabs measure 1" x 1.25". Half the tab (1/2") is shown with a number and the other 1/2" is attached to the back of the page. I wrote the numbers on the tabs with a white gel pen.
Here's the cost breakdown for what I spent for a 12 page binder holding 24 Nestabilities Dies: Binder $3, page protector $1.74, magnetic sheets $8.94, tags $3.97, cardstock and cardboard were free. Grand total: $15.92 + local tax. If you have Post-its and page protectors in your stash you can knock off $5.71


Michelle Quinno said...

Wow, this is a great idea! I have page protectors, post-its, eyelets and all the free cardboard I want. Thanks for sharing.

Jolayne said...

Thanks for looking! I have one suggestion. If I were to make another one I would move the magnetic sheets closer to the binder rings so I could stagger/stair step the number tags.

Anonymous said...

Love your idea! Thanks for sharing.Remigia.

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