About Me

I love all things paper. I started out making my own paper with dried flowers and scraps of paper years ago. I later progressed to stamps and card making. I just recently started to get into scrapbooking since, well hell I had all the stuff already right?!

Why Angry Kitten Crafts you say? Well it's no secret to my friends but I'm a Twilight fan. In the unpublished S.Meyers book Midnight Sun (I'm so sad she isn't going to finish it) Edward describes Bella as being  as mad as an "angry kitten". I thought that is so me. Since I work fulltime as a Night Charge Nurse in a busy Emergency Department I can sometimes come off kinda tough, but in actuality I'm pretty harmless albeit affective. Muhahahaha

I'm grateful that my DH is so supportive and let me commandeer a room as a craft room. It's a "She-Cave" ladies! I can get really engrossed in making a project, especially if I'm making a dozen or more invitations. So that's when my DH likes to call it my "Sweat Shop" which honestly sometimes feels like that when I procrastinate on a project. lol.