Friday, November 25, 2011

Make ur own Blending Tool Foam

So I'm cheap sometimes. I totally believe that if you're going to eventually throw something away then why does it need to be hella expensive? Take the Ink Blending Foam Inkssentials for example. Retails for about $6, if you have a store coupon you'll probably get a max of 50% off. So that means $3-ish after tax for 10 foams. And how many foams can you go through in just one project if you really like to distress? Lots as I regrettably found out.

My solution? Why not make your own? I did and for super cheap. Here's how...

I found some fabric backed foam at Joann's in the remnants bin. I believe it's used for car seats and car roofs. 1.5 yards for like $8! You can also find it in the upholstery section of the fabric store under Headliner Foam. Link to JoAnn's Fabric- Headliner Fabric
You can buy it from other sites like Amazon but the cost is almost the same and you can't use a 40%-50% coupon.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Gonna Be One of Those Days

I bought this stamp "Karin" along with several others a while ago. A company called Stampotique makes them. I've been itching to make something with it. I finally came up with this...