My She Cave

Welcome to my "She-Cave" or as my DH likes to say when I'm totally engrossed in a project the "Sweat Shop". Our spoiled kitty Felony is sitting on her heated throne in front of the window surveying her domain below.

Right Wall. I can sit at this desk area, but I usually just stand. All of the shelving and most of the containers are from The Container Store. I LOVE this place. But I have to drive 35 minutes and pay a $5 bridge toll just to go there. Their products are a bit pricey, but they are excellent quality. Why not just buy online you say? Well I guess I could, but I like to fiddle around with stuff and who knows what goodies you'll find. Besides the store is located in the heart of downtown Walnut Creek which has a plethra of high end shops and restaurants. Which makes for a great afternoon out.
I keep my wooden stamps, ink pads, ribbon, flowers, and old books for page elements in this area. The black baskets contain more ribbon spools, snap and eyelet setters. Rolling black bag under the shelf is for traveling/crops.
Hanging jewelry bag contains brads and such and is double sided. I also keep brads in the spice containers on the wall. 8 x 10 cardstock are in the carts below the desk. Reference books are up top.
I keep the things I most use on this wall. And as you can see I'm a label whore.

Punches are in the left and center carts under the desk. I keep my adhesives in the narrow cart to the right which I can roll around if I need to. Ribbon I most use are in the white "gutter" holders I made and decorated with my Cricut.
This is the closet which I took off the doors and railings. The black garbage bag holds 24 x 36 sheets of handmade paper. Cling type stamps are in the folders on the left. I keep fabric in the carts to the right under the Big Shot Pro. The red case holds the embroidery arm and such for my Husqvarna sewing machine.
The left wall holds most of my sewing related gear. Some of which is also under the desk like my Husqvarna Serger and bolts of fabric. But it's messy so who wants to see that?! :) If I use my gypsy with the Cricut Expression I don't need to take it off the Cricut Imagine. Which is nice because I'm lazy.


ldfdesign said...

wow! lovely! wonderful job!

Jolayne said...

Thank You :) I've added more carts below the desk because you can never have enough storage. lol.

Rosy Newlun said...

Woooo chills, they're multiplyin'!!!! I love your craft cave and knew we were kindred - MedSurg nurse here! Just throw any kind of patient at me (except the ones with guns and used needles, knives and kickers).... well, just make sure they're sedated when they come up to the floor LOL. TFS!!!

Kemmy McCoy said...

Wow your so ingenious, love everything you do. Thank you so much, greatly appreciate all you show us.

Kitterino said...

My neighbor died and I just inhereted 35 years of collected crafting supplies...if you care to visit Florida and help me organize please do! I think she has every stamp and die ever made!

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